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Writing utilizes the reader's imagination and paints a picture with words alone.  A good writer can illustrate any image or concept to the reader using simple, understandable words or phrases.  Below are example of my work both from my undergraduate program and freelance blogging.

FCP Euro DIY Blog


Written as weekly freelance articles for FCP Euro's DIY blog, my postings explore maintenance tips and tricks for the P1 Volvo platform.


Build Your Own Car Web Applications

“A research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the University Honors Program at Southern Polytechnic State University and the Bachelor of Arts degree in the New Media Arts Department.”

My undergraduate dissertation focuses on web layout and interactivity of the specific build your own car webpages.  The research attempts to discover if these websites are as engaging as they are informational.  It also examines past and current build your own car applications, and is followed by a brief case study surveying the user interaction process.


PinPoint Art

Completed as a group project for the High Museum of Art, this proposal and project explored the idea of using technology to draw attention to the High Museum’s private art collection.

Pin Point Art asks museum visitors to drop a pin on a large digital map to indicate where they are from.  At that moment, numerous windows pop up displaying artwork from the private collection that associated with the geographical region of the dropped pin.  This project also explores the concept of using QR code tags to give further detailed information about the museum's artwork.

The completed proposal was presented to the art directors of the High Museum; it received great acknowledgement and may one day be put into operation.


MyNameIdeasWereTaken Automotive Blog

The official automotive blog of MyNameIdeasWereTaken.  Follow along with my custom projects from concept to creation. Learn about upcoming meets, ride along on new car test drives, and view photo albums from past events.  Also watch my how-to videos and car maintenance tips for the DIYer.